The 8th National Steel Structure Industry Development Symposium Held in Beijing


On February 2nd, the dragon looked up, good year, spring began. On March 18-19, the 8th National Steel Structure Industry Development Symposium and the 2nd Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Prefabricated Steel Structure Development Forum were held in Beijing. The seminar was hosted by Beijing Steel Structure Industry Association, and was organized by Xiamen Zhengming Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd., China Steel Structure Information Network, China Construction Second Bureau Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Southeast Grid Corporation Limited, Multidimensional United Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Construction Co-organized by Yiyi Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd., Yutian County People's Government of Tangshan City, Beijing Zhuzhu Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Green Building Integration Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Haoshi Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. Nearly 500 people from all walks of life, including upstream and downstream organizations and companies in the steel structure industry chain, including home, designers, and college students, participated in this industry event.

Hu Yong, President of Beijing Steel Structure Industry Association, Gong Ran, Deputy Secretary-General of China Infrastructure Optimization Research Association, Dang Bao, Chairman of China Building Metal Structure Association Building Steel Structure Branch, Liu Yi, Executive Vice Chairman of China Steel Structure Association, and other leaders attended the meeting. Congratulations and address. Chairman Huang Yizhong of Xiamen Zhengming Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. gave a welcome speech.

The one-and-a-half day seminar was divided into four major sections: "Interpretation of Policy Planning", "Development Road of Prefabricated Steel Structure Building Industry", "High-end Dialogue", and "Share of Mainstream Prefabricated Steel Structure Building System Sharing". Ten well-known industry experts and 17 company leaders participated in keynote speeches, system exchanges, and high-end dialogues, focusing on China's economic situation, steel structure industry development, prefabricated construction industry policy, prefabricated steel structure housing system and parts and components docking. And other topics were shared, exchanged and discussed.

In the first section "Interpretation of Policy Planning", Yue Qingrui, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of the China Steel Structure Association, President of China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute, Guo Ning, Director of the Housing Industrialization Office of the Beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Technology Promotion Center, Hebei Yu Dafei, Director of Provincial Wall Material Innovation and Building Energy Efficiency Management Office, Hebei Provincial Construction Industry Modernization Promotion Center, Director of the Industrial Department of the Institute of Economic Systems and Management of the National Development and Reform Commission, Member of the Telecommunication Economic Expert Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Famous Economist Professor Shi Wei brought new perspectives and new concepts to the guests on the development of China's steel structure industry, the development status and policies of prefabricated buildings in Beijing and Hebei. And new thinking.

The "Development Road of Prefabricated Steel Structure Building Industry" contains two themes: the trend of the complete system of prefabricated buildings, the analysis of successful cases, and the communication of parts and components. Zhao Kun, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CADG) Prefabricated Building Engineering Research Institute, Wei Suwei, Chief Architect of the Institute of Building Products Application, China Construction Standard Design Institute, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Industrialization Branch of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute Chen Yujun, director and senior engineer of BIM Technology Center Co., Ltd. and Huang Yizhong, chairman of Xiamen Zhengming Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. respectively discussed "Integrated integrated design of prefabricated buildings", "Practice and thinking of prefabricated interiors", "BIM and parameterization in steel structure design" "The application and examples of cold-formed steel in steel structure building" were shared. Subsequently, related industrial chain enterprises such as related supporting equipment and parts and components participated in the connection and exchange of parts and components, providing excellent product solutions for fabricated steel structure buildings.

At the seminar, the "High-end Dialogue——Development Road of Prefabricated Steel Structure Building" was presided over by Zhao Yan, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CADG) Prefabricated Building Engineering Research Institute, and eight from the general contracting, real estate development and steel construction companies. Delegates participated in the dialogue, discussing issues such as "assembled building general contracting model, steel structure building system, and industrial chain enterprise docking". In the summary, Dean Zhao Yan pointed out that in this dialogue, I am glad to see that the participating steel structure companies no longer only talk about the structure, but talk about development from the entire system of steel structure buildings, which is also the direction for the transformation of steel structure companies in the future.

"The nation's mainstream prefabricated steel structure housing system sharing" is the highlight of this forum. The organizer specially assembled China Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Southeast Grid Company Limited, Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Green Building Integrated Technology. Co., Ltd., Beijing Jianyi Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd., Multidimensional United Group Co., Ltd., China Construction Second Bureau Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., Hebei Jingtong Construction Technology Co., Ltd., etc. have actively explored and installed steel structure housing systems. Practiced companies shared their development results and advanced experience.

At noon on the 19th, the seminar ended successfully. The four major sectors have enthusiastically responded to the industry with first-class keynote speeches and the "high-end dialogue" of a hundred schools of thought. Participants generally believe that the seminar is of great value, profound meaning and rich content, and provides an excellent platform for theoretical exploration and practical exchange for the transformation and development of steel structure companies and further leveraging the advantages of steel structures. The participating experts expressed their gratitude to the seminar for providing such an academic exchange platform, and hoped that in the future there will be more relevant exchange opportunities for cutting-edge theories and technologies.

It is reported that the National Steel Structure Industry Development Symposium has been held for eight consecutive years and has grown into one of the steel structure industry events with a wide appeal and influence. It has established a platform for industry colleagues to communicate, learn and learn from, The bridge that grasps the pulsation of steel structure development and an excellent carrier for companies to show their image.

Wang Shitong, Chairman of the Guangdong Steel Structure Association, Wei Qun, Chairman of the Henan Steel Structure Association, Lu Ding, Secretary General of the Shanghai Metal Structure Industry Association, Zhu Shuangzhu, Assistant to the President of the Zhejiang Steel Structure Industry Association, Yang Jibin, Secretary General of the Anhui Steel Structure Association, Shi Yanqing, Secretary General of Shanxi Steel Structure Association, Liang Guoxia, Director of Tianjin Steel Structure Association, Secretary of Hunan Steel Structure Industry Association, Zhou Yuping, Chairman of Liaoning Metal Structure Association Steel Structure Branch, Li Honggui, Secretary General of Guizhou Steel Structure Association, Shijiazhuang Building The secretary general of the association Wang Hongxiang, the president of Hebei Hengshui Iron Tower Chamber of Commerce Wang Changchun, the president of Hubei Tuanfeng Tuanfeng Steel Structure Association Feng Weizhen and other provincial and municipal brother association leaders attended the forum.

In addition, the organizer also organized a visit to Beijing's new airport for the guests.