National People's Congress deputy Zhang Xuezheng speaks for Shansteel's steel structure


Zhang Xuezheng, an employee of Shanxi Steel Group Laiwu Steel Jinan Steel Structure Company, attended the conference as the representative of the 13th National People's Congress, always remembering the glorious and sacred political mission, with full political enthusiasm, earnestly performing his duties according to law, and attracted many media interview Report.


 Zhang Xuezheng said in an interview

Shansteel's H-beams are well-known. Shanshan Iron and Steel is the main maker of national standards. In the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle at minus forty and fifty degrees, Russia's Yamal gas pipeline project uses more than 90% of the section steel with a total of more than 80 specifications. All are manufactured by Shangang.

The extension of the industrial chain is the fundamental way to achieve industrial breakthroughs. The steel structure industry is the largest carrier for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy of Laiwu Iron and Steel Group of Shanxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., accelerating the expansion and strengthening of leading business related to engineering technology, maintenance, energy conservation and environmental protection, and urban services. Only by forming an industrial structure with distinctive characteristics, leading technology and strong competitiveness can we conform to the development trend, lead the industry trend, and highlight the advantages of Shansteel.

As the province's earliest enterprise and the country's earliest enterprise involved in steel structures, Laiwu Steel's steel structural members are widely used in construction, bridge, chemical, and offshore industries. In 2018, Laiwu Steel's goal is to continue to expand the scale of production capacity, strive to increase the output of steel structures to more than 500,000 tons, further improve scale efficiency and labor efficiency, and build a foundation for industrial development. At the same time, optimize the market layout, comprehensively improve the market competitiveness and industry influence of the steel structure building industry, and strive to become a domestic first-class steel structure green building comprehensive service provider with an advanced technology system and outstanding core competitiveness, and strive to become a green, smart, and high-quality steel structure. The front runner of the building.

As an industrial worker on the steel front, I deeply felt the reform spirit passed by this NPC. A series of new reform measures, such as developing and expanding new kinetic energy, vigorously transforming and upgrading traditional industries, and promoting the reform of state-owned and state-owned enterprises, are inspiring and inspiring.


After returning to work, we must publicize the spirit of the General Secretary's important speech and the spirit of the conference. Taking the east wind of the conference, we will unite and guide the workers around us to continue to amplify the advantages of Laiwu Steel's steel structure in order to form distinctive features, leading technology and competitiveness Strong industrial structure makes new contributions.