The 8th National Steel Structure Industry Development Symposium Visit the main terminal of Beijing N

At noon on March 19, the one-and-a-half day "8th National Steel Structure Industry Development Symposium and the 2nd Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Prefabricated Steel Structure Building Development Forum" was successfully concluded. In the afternoon of the 19th, more than 150 people including industry experts, designers, and entrepreneurs took a bus to visit the construction site of the new airport in Beijing to learn about the construction progress and future operation of the new airport, and to experience the application of steel structures in the new airport project in Beijing. achievement.

  Part of the visit was the construction site of the main terminal of the new airport, which was undertaken by Beijing Urban Construction Group. After watching the introduction to the construction of the new airport, the delegation heard the introduction of the new airport construction staff of Beijing Urban Construction Group on the new airport area relationship, overall planning, innovation breakthroughs, and construction schedule.


The total construction area of the main terminal of Beijing New Airport is 600,000 square meters. The main structure is a cast-in-situ reinforced concrete frame structure. The steel structure of the roof adopts a space grid structure system. There are 6 track lines such as high-speed rail, subway, and intercity railway. Passing through the second basement floor of the core area, it is the bidding section with the largest building area, the highest technical content, and the most difficult construction organization among all bidding sections of the Beijing New Airport Project.

Beijing New Airport represents a new height of airport construction. Beijing Urban Construction Group adheres to innovation-led leadership, and adopts the most advanced management methods and technical means to break through the vibration caused by underground high-speed rail transit, ultra-large plane material transportation, and large-area irregularity. World-class problems such as the free-form space grid improvement have strongly promoted the construction of the project.

Then, the delegation went deep into the second floor of the terminal construction platform, combined with the new airport model to understand the overall design and construction of the terminal, and took up the lens to record the wonderful moments of this great project. Seeing the majestic terminal building and experiencing the construction site in full swing, everyone expressed their shock and paid tribute to the hard work of the new airport builders.

This visit has benefited every “steel structure man”. Everyone said that in the future, they will participate more in the activities organized by the Beijing Steel Structure Industry Association, make good use of the vast platform of the Association, improve their capabilities, promote the development of enterprises, and contribute more to the development of the steel structure industry.