The 8th National Steel Structure Industry Development Symposium Industry Analysis and Policy Thinkin

On March 18th, the 8th National Steel Structure Industry Development Symposium and the 2nd Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Prefabricated Steel Structure Development Forum with the theme of "Assembly / Intelligent / Industrial Chain" was held in Beijing. On the morning of the 18th, the first section of the conference, "Interpretation of Construction Industry Policies and Economic Analysis," kicked off. Nearly 500 people from all walks of life in the steel structure industry chain, including industry experts, entrepreneurs, and designers, came together to listen Sharing of dry goods brought by everyone “big coffee”.


Hu Yong, President of Beijing Steel Structure Industry Association, Gong Ran, Deputy Secretary-General of China Infrastructure Optimization Research Association, Dang Bao, Chairman of China Building Metal Structure Association Building Steel Structure Branch, Liu Yi, Executive Vice Chairman of China Steel Structure Association, and other leaders attended the meeting. Congratulations and address. Chairman Huang Yizhong of Xiamen Zhengming Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. gave a welcome speech. Chang Haijun, Secretary General of Beijing Steel Structure Industry Association, chaired the meeting.

勇 Hu Yong, chairman of the Beijing Steel Structure Industry Association, mentioned in his speech: insight into the general trend can only follow the trend. China is pushing for the development of prefabricated buildings. The state and local governments frequently promulgate related promotion policies to subsidize prefabricated buildings and open up the market space for prefabricated buildings. Nowadays, the tight combination of steel structures and prefabricated buildings has developed into one of the most dynamic and promising markets in China's construction industry. The prefabricated steel structure industry has ushered in a new blue ocean! I hope that my colleagues in the industry will take this seminar as an opportunity to exchange ideas, collide wisdom, gather consensus, explore innovation, continue to carry forward the spirit of partnership, work hard to form a mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win situation, and create a better future for the steel structure industry. !!

主题 In the keynote speech phase, the first speaker was Yue Qingrui, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, president of the China Steel Structure Association, and president of the China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute. Academician Yue Qingrui shared the theme of "Thinking about the Development of China's Steel Structure", and analyzed and exchanged the development of China's steel structure from three aspects: "the current status of steel structure development", "problems faced", "measures and suggestions".

Yue Qingrui proposed: The amount of steel structures has maintained a rapid growth for more than ten years. In 2017, the steel output was about 700 million tons, and the steel structure exceeded 60 million tons. The country has more than 10,000 steel structure special construction qualification enterprises and about 3,000 manufacturing enterprises above designated size. , The average annual output of steel structure increased by more than 15%. The proportion of many high-rise steel structures has increased significantly, and the state's guiding policy on prefabricated steel structures has played a significant role. The steel structure engineering technology system and industrial chain have basically been established. In terms of technology accumulation, it has accumulated a large number of patent achievements, has a relatively high proportion of enterprises, and has demonstrated a strong sense of innovation. The number of accumulated national engineering methods has steadily increased, marking the vigorous development of engineering construction. At present, China has basically formed a social consensus on the promotion of steel structures, and its market potential is huge. However, the development of steel structures also faces many problems, such as the unreasonable structure of steel and steel structure products and excess low-end products; the lightweight and efficient envelope system that matches the steel structure is not perfect, especially in the residential sector; Compared with concrete structures, the "light and high strength" of steel structures is actually difficult to achieve. The development of lightweight, efficient, durable high-performance maintenance structural system supporting materials and joint seam technology is one of the most critical issues to promote the promotion of steel structure construction; standards The long specification innovation cycle has restricted the structural applications of high-strength steel and high-performance steel; the speed of upgrading engineering construction standards has lagged behind material standards; strict fire protection requirements have restricted the popularization and application of steel structures; the application of new high-performance structural systems is lacking The standard support has caused the economic and comfort of steel structures to be affected, and safety may also be a hidden danger; the scarcity of steel structure workers in China; the lack of efficient and convenient design software and auxiliary design tools. In terms of prefabricated steel structure housing, there is low market acceptance, poor comfort, and affecting the living experience; compared with existing concrete shear wall housing, the advantages of the existing traditional steel structure housing system are not obvious; the new prefabricated steel structure building system It is difficult to apply innovative parts and components. At the same time, Academician Yue Qingrui proposed countermeasures: in the material parts link, develop high-performance steel, new building envelopes and parts, solve key application technologies, and realize industrialized production and engineering applications; in the structural system link, solve key mechanisms And theoretical issues, establish design methods, realize complete set of technology integration, and carry out engineering demonstration and promotion; in the design and manufacturing process, propose standardization rules, establish modular component parts systems, realize commercialized application and intelligent manufacturing of component parts, and establish component-based components Industrial building design methods; in the installation link, develop efficient construction technology and supporting equipment systems for industrial buildings, improve construction efficiency, and realize green environmental protection construction based on information technology; in the operation and maintenance section, establish quality acceptance standards and performance evaluations for industrial buildings Standards, develop intelligent building management systems, and realize green, intelligent management and operations of buildings.

Guo Ning, director of the Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Technology Promotion Center's residential industrialization office, Hebei Province's Office of Wall Material Innovation and Building Energy Efficiency Management, and Hebei Construction Industry Modernization Promotion Center's Yu Dafei respectively interpreted "Beijing Prefabricated Building Development Practices and Policies" "," Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperation Opportunities for Hebei Prefabricated Building Development "shared the theme of the theme, and elaborated on the development status and policies of prefabricated buildings in Beijing and Hebei.

Professor Shi Wei, director of the Industrial Department of the Institute of Economic System and Management of the National Development and Reform Commission, member of the Telecommunication Economic Expert Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and a famous economist Challenge made a keynote speech. Professor Shi Wei proposed that enterprise development should be good at grasping China's macroeconomic situation, grasping national policies and local planning, and take a long-term view of development in order to dig out the road of enterprise development and innovation.

On the stage, there were wonderful speeches, and the audience listened and thought carefully. The speeches of the four experts and leaders inspired the strong resonance of the guests, making everyone full of identity and applauding frequently.

This seminar was hosted by Beijing Steel Structure Industry Association, and was hosted by Xiamen Zhengming Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd., China Steel Structure Information Network, China Construction Second Bureau Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Southeast Grid Corporation, Multidimensional United Group Co., Ltd., Co-organized by Beijing Jianyi Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd., Yutian County People's Government of Tangshan City, Beijing Zhuzhu Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Green Building Integration Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Haoshi Integrated Housing Co., Ltd.

Guo Qing, Vice President and General Manager of Green Construction Division of Zhejiang Southeast Grid Co., Ltd., Chen Huazhou, Chief Engineer of North Region of China Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Ruan Xinwei, Deputy Chief Engineer of Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd., and Deputy General Manager of Beijing Machinery Construction Co., Ltd. Manager Wang Xiaorui, Chairman of Hebei Sanxin Metal Structure Group Co., Ltd. Wei Keyi, Fan Yufeng, General Manager of China Construction Second Bureau Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. Langfang Steel Structure Company, Xu Xianhui, General Manager of Beijing Zhusong Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., China Emerging Construction and Development Corporation Steel Zhang Yanming, general manager of the structural company, Zhang Yikun, general manager of Beijing Urban Construction Precision Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., Liu Xinhua, assistant general manager of Zhejiang Luzhu Integrated Building Technology Co., Ltd., Hu Shuhua, sales director of Guangzhou Jitai Chemical Co., Ltd., and North China University of Steel Construction Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiangyong, President of the District Design Institute, Qian Su, Director of Shengdi International Construction Engineering Design Co., Ltd., Chen Ye, General Manager of China for Kabach Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., He, Chairman of Dahe Zhongbang (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Yongkang, Beijing Rui Xu Yongfeng, chairman of Hongye Construction Technology Co., Ltd., Jiang Kaining, general manager of Hebei Jingtong Construction Technology Co., Ltd., He Zheng, general manager of Tianjin Zhengtong Wall Materials Co., Ltd., and Zhao Haoxiang, CEO of Shandong Kaisirui Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Experts, entrepreneurs, representatives of member companies, and elites in the steel structure industry attended the meeting.